Construction Management

C & A Construction Group Inc. has been managing construction sites for 15 yrs. Construction Management includes managing all aspects of planning and construction of the given project. We work as an agent for the home owner working together with the Architect, Engineer and Subcontractors to get the job done for perfection for the home owner. Our company is here for every home owner, which includes answering the phone when our clients call, answering emails when they are sent to us. Our goal is to have each job run as smoothly as possible and be completed in a timely fashion to keep our clients happy! We handle everything from budgeting to hiring subcontractors to accepting deliveries all the way from the beginning to the end of each finished product.


C & A construction Group Inc. has the experience needed to guide the home owner in the right direction. With leadership and attention to detail we can be your partner through whatever comes your way. If there is an issues with your home or a project that you are on and can’t quite figure it out and need an expert to advise you on what should be done then give us a call. If you are a home owner shopping for a new home we can put together a package and decide on how many homes you would like for us to go visit with you and give you our expert advice on what the issues are at each home so it makes it easier for you to decide on the right home. 

Stucco Remediation

Most Stucco installed on homes in the last 15-20 years have not been installed correctly. We can help find out where the problems are and come up with a plan to correct the issues. We work with many home owners on this issue and have great success with the finished project.


Basements can hold a lot of moisture. Waterproofing the basement can save in the long run preventing mold, standing water, sickness, and that musty smell.

Expert Witness for construction

Chris has 20 years of residential and commercial experience with construction management, stucco remediation, waterproofing and more. With specific knowledge of building codes, permits, insurance, cost estimating and construction defects he is the guy who you want in the court room testifying for you! He has experience in being an expert witness for multiple clients. Chris has a CV completed and ready for you to hand to your lawyer. He will come out and meet with you and see where the issues are and write up a report for your lawyer to see. He will be able to list all the issues and let you know how they have been done incorrectly.