Exterior Services

Azek Trim

With precise sealed edges on all four sides, Azek Trim is ideal for window and door trim on the exterior of your house. It is impervious to moisture and insects, requires very little to no maintenance and maintains its like new appearance in all types of weather. Azek Trim also boasts a 25 year warranty!


With vinyl siding, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. It is a relatively new option that has grown drastically in popularity. There is very little maintenance, the material is long-lasting and a home owner has numerous options for color and width.


A brick exterior can offer several advantages to home owners. Brick works as an additional insulation, blocking the passage of heat and cold through the walls of your home for longer than some of its more lightweight competitors. It is also easy to maintain, without the worries of paint chipping or decay. Because brick can be a more costly choice, it can increase the value of your home – up to 6%! Brick is a versatile choice and complements a variety of home designs.


Besides saving money in energy bills, new windows can drastically enhance the exterior appeal of your homes appearance! New windows are easier to clean and maintain and much less drafty than old windows with combination storm and screen or wood frame. The experts at C&A Construction know which windows will keep your home the most comfortable and dry.


Replacing a door is a quick and affordable way to enhance and upgrade the appearance of your home, adding curb appeal and energy efficiency. The three main door materials are wood, metal and fiberglass. Wood doors come in an endless variety of colors and styles and offers traditional beauty. Metal doors are typically the most affordable and are durable. Fiberglass doors are the most popular choice now, having all of the beauty and versatility of wood and the durability of metal. They come in many styles and can be stained or painted.


If you’re looking to perfect your yard with a new deck or replace an old one, C&A Construction offers many options for materials and designs. Wood is the most common choice with several wood types to choose from, but many other materials are gaining popularity. Composite decking requires no maintenance and has the added bonus of never splintering, although it is typically more expensive than wood. Plastic decking is maintenance free as well, but doesn’t look, sound or feel much like wood, other than it’s polystyrene option which is stiff, strong, light and comes in several different colors.

And more – C&A Construction would be happy to discuss your home needs with you! From your roof to your basement, we’ve got you covered.